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The division of labour is the specialization of cooperating individuals who perform specific tasks and roles. Because of the large amount of labour saved by  ...

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division of labour. (redirected from Specialization of labor) Also found in: Wikipedia. division of labour. n. 1. (Industrial Relations & HR Terms) a system of ...

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Specialization of labor is a powerful force in an economy, benefiting small and large businesses alike. Workers produce more when they occupy specialized ...

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Specialization of labor is a classic economic theory. Plato discussed the specialization of labor in his work “Republic”. Plato wrote about this theory ...

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Specialization of Labor For tens of thousands of years, mankind survived by doing whatever they could to find food and shelter for themselves and their families.

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Labor specialization is one of the key features of modern economic systems, enabling factories and other business operations to produce goods on a global ...

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Definition of specialization of labor: Alternative term for division of labor.

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Smith saw the main cause of prosperity as increasing division of labor. Using the famous example of pins, Smith asserted that ten workers could produce 48,000 ...

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This different category gives rise to the four categories of specialization, land specialization, capital specialization, labor specialization or division of labor.

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Apr 15, 2005 ... Growth, according to Smith, is rooted in the increasing division of labor. This idea relates primarily to the specialization of the labor force, ...

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