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Speed limits in the United States


"Indefiniteness of automobile speed regulations as affecting validity". American Law Reports--Annotated, 3rd Series 6. The Lawyers ...

State Speed Limit Laws - Governors Highway Safety Association


The chart below lists all current state speed limit laws. Congress repealed the National Maximum Speed Limit in 1995. Since then, 32 states have raised speed  ...

Speed limit laws - Insurance Institute for Highway Safety


The following table lists the speed limits for various types of roads in the 50 states and the District of Columbia. If a state has different speed limits for commercial ...

Summary of State Speed Laws - NHTSA


OVERVIEW NARRATIVE OF KEY PROVISIONS OF STATE SPEED LAWS ............ ........................ v ...... Speed limits established under these laws are not effective ...

Summary of State Speed Laws - EMS.gov


This summary reports ONLY the status of State statutes or regulations that are concerned with either speed limit or speed-related violations. Local laws are not  ...

Connecticut enacts first speed-limit law - May 21, 1901 - HISTORY ...


On this day in History, Connecticut enacts first speed-limit law on May 21, 1901. Learn more about what happened today on History.

Trailer Speed Limits - AAA Digest of Motor Laws


Vehicles towing trailers or semitrailers may not exceed a rate of speed that ... Speed limits are 70 mph on rural interstates; 55 mph on urban freeways; or as ...

Speeding Laws | DrivingLaws.org


Police officers issue speeding tickets more than any other moving violations. Each state uses one of three types of speed limits, known as “absolute,” ...

Nixon signs national speed limit into law - Jan 02, 1974 - HISTORY ...


On this day in History, Nixon signs national speed limit into law on Jan 02, 1974. Learn more about what happened today on History.

When Does a Speed Limit Come Into Effect? - Today I Found Out


Mar 26, 2015 ... Contrary to what people may try to tell you, by the letter of the law there is no “ buffer” or grace period near a speed limit sign, which is why you'll ...

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Fight Your Speeding Ticket: What Is the Law? | Nolo.com


It works like this: In all states you can be charged with speeding by violating the “ basic” speed law, even if you were driving below the posted speed limit.

State Traffic and Speed Laws - MIT


Most states have adopted the speed limit language from the Uniform Vehicle Code, which sets absolute limits. That means ...

Absolute vs. Presumed Speed Limits - Criminal Law - Lawyers.com


In some states, you've violated the law if you drive even one mile above the posted speed limit. In other states, it is presumed that the posted speed limit is the  ...