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Central American squirrel monkey


The Central American squirrel monkey (Saimiri oerstedii) is a squirrel monkey species from the ... In turn, it has a number of predators, including raptors, cats and snakes. ... Squirrel monkeys hav...

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The common squirrel monkey has fur that's orange and golden brown with a mask of white around the eyes. Only about a foot tall and weighing around 1.5 ...

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Squirrel monkeys have a slender build with a short greyish dense coat. ... Squirrel monkeys live in groups; this way, when a predator attacks, the pack of ...

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Common Squirrel Monkey Range Map (South America) ... They have a body length of approximately 32 cms (12.5 inches), a tail length of ... Interesting Facts

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In Costa Rica, squirrel monkeys are threatened because of increased rates and ... though no work has been done to decrease hunting of squirrel monkeys in this area. ... with intact predator populations may have an effect on squirrel monkeys.

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Squirrel monkeys live in Brazil, eastern Peru and Bolivia. ... They have good eyesight and colour vision like ours, so they can easily spot coloured ... Although any of the larger predators in the S. American rainforest would eat a squirrel monkey ...

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Remarkably, the brain mass to body mass ratio for squirrel monkeys is 1:17 which gives them the largest brain, proportionately, of all the primates. Humans have ...

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The squirrel monkey is a small species of New World monkey whose native habitat is in the ... In groups of this size, it's easy for squirrel monkeys to fight off most predators. Troops are also made up of a ... Due to deforestation, squirrel monkeys have been forced out of their natural habitat. As a result, they go to farmland and...

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Saimiri boliviensis, Bolivian squirrel monkeys, can be found in the tropical rain forests of South .... Predators of S. boliviensis include harpy eagles (Harpia harpyja) and humans. ... Bolivian squirrel monkeys have no adverse effects on humans.

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Learn all you wanted to know about spider monkeys with pictures, videos, photos , facts, ... time aloft, and maintain a powerful grip on branches even though they have no thumbs. ... Picture of a prairie dog clutching a squirrel it recently killed.

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Squirrel Monkeys have very distinctively coloured, short fur which is mostly olive or ... the female Squirrel Monkey will chase away the male who plays no part in ...

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Squirrel monkeys have excellent eyesight and they are able to distinguish colors. This feature facilitates quick identification of fruit among dense vegetation.

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Monkey Enemies. There are various types of predators out there that are known to feed on Monkeys. What they have to worry about though depends on the size ...