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Stag beetles are a group of about 1,200 species of beetles in the family Lucanidae, presently classified in four subfamilies. Some species grow up to over 12 cm ...


Stag beetles are one of the most spectacular looking insects in Britain, named because the male's large jaws look just like the antlers of a stag. As well as being  ...


Stag Beetle - Looks can be deceiving. The Stag Beetle drinks sap and uses those intimidating mandibles for courting.


The stag beetle (Lucanus cervus) is arguably the most spectacular looking beetle in Britain; the male looks like something from a prehistoric age. The giant ...


May 20, 2015 ... Stag beetle larvae spend five to six years feeding on rotting wood. They leave behind a distinctive network of tunnels and C-shaped chambers.


Jun 23, 2017 ... By Lydia Thomas Senior at Chenowth Academy Kentucky Entomology Leadership Program. Common Kentucky Stag Beetles: ...


Apr 3, 2004 ... Beetle - Lucanus capreolus Pinned Specimen - Sinodendron rugosum - male ... Superfamily Scarabaeoidea (Scarab, Stag and Bess Beetles).


Stag beetles are a particularly impressive, even fearsome sight.


Jul 6, 2017 ... Particularly, this very good stag beetle named Spike, who loves to draw and ... She explained that beetles are actually a pretty common pet in ...