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Stamp Insurance Policy - This would frequently be under a special policy as ... Most appraisals are performed by stamp dealers so again feel free to use our ...

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Value My Stuff experts provide vintage and rare stamp valuations to your inbox within 48 hours!

Appraisals - American Stamp Dealers Association


A stamp appraisal is an evaluation or estimate to the value of a collection. The appraisal can be written or verbal. An appraisal is often followed by an offer to ...

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Need stamp experts to appraise your rare postage stamps? Call 212.865.1653 and let Anglo American Appraisal Services complete your stamp appraisal!

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The value of stamps, like the value of anything else, is what a willing buyer will pay a ... A professional appraisal by a member of the American Stamp Dealers ...

Chapter 18 - I Inherited a Stamp Collection, Now What?


The easiest way to get a value of your stamp collection is to have a formal appraisal done by a professional. This is especially true if you have many “early”  ...

The Stamp and Coin Appraisers | Philatelic Collection Appraisal


The American Stamp and Coin Foundation is a non-profit, 501-3C organization, serving the public now for thirty years. By calling our Los Angeles, California ...

Stamp Collection Appraisal : The Ins and Outs - Stamp Collecting


Obtaining a stamp collection appraisal can be a very smart move depending on your situation and plans for your collection. If you are a stamp collector with ...

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Here at the Foundation we never do a "quickie" appraisal. Many stamp ... These valuable stamps are often figured for very little or in some cases nothing at all.

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FREE appraisals, if you can bring your stamps to our office located at 12 Douglas Lane in Waterford, CT. We will give you 30+ minutes of our time, and give you ...