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Standard-metric wrench chart, Webster County | University of ...


... for the same bolt and don't have the extra standard or metric one of the same size. ... Download a printer-friendly version of this chart: Standard-Metric Wrench  ...

standard / metric wrench conversion chart - University of Missouri


Jan 14, 2013 ... Bolt Diameter Standard. Metric. 1/8". 5/16". 8 mm. 3/16". 3/8". 10 mm. 1/4". 7/16". 11 mm. 5/16". 1/2". 13 mm. 3/8". 9/16". 14 mm. 7/16". 5/8".

socket wrenches - Sizes


Mar 5, 2016 ... Sizes of socket wrenches. ... The tables below show the commonly-available sizes of socket wrench and the fasteners they fit. The 8-pt sockets ...

Wrench Conversion - Size Equivalence Chart - Vaughn's Summaries


Metric wrench sizes are shown, along with their "English Standard" equivalence, in 1/1000s of an inch. "Standard-size" wrenches refers to SAE sizes - the ...

Socket wrench - Wikipedia


Because the standards allow for some flexibility in ... a very typical example being exhaust clamp bolts ...

Wrench Conversion Chart - Engineering ToolBox


Wrench Conversion Chart. Comparing US and ... Miscellaneous - Engineering related topics like Beaufort Wind Scale, CE-marking, drawing standards and more.

mm to inches, IP sizes and gauge sizes - Highland Lighting ...


There are 25.4mm to 1 inch, so it's easy to convert any millimeter size to ... 34mm, 1.34", 1-1/3" ... 4-36 and 5/40, 3/32", the size of socket keys ... Wire Gauge Reference: (American Wire Standard, not to be confused with the British standard ) ...

Wrench Size And Conversion Table - CSGNetwork.Com


This table is the chart for publication of information of wrench sizes in inches (US) and millimeters (metric), as well as British spanner size information.

Which SAE Sockets Fits Metric Nuts ? | Adventure Rider


Jan 13, 2008 ... ... doing the decimal conversion from metric socket sizes and from SAE socket sizes. ... "On the tight side, need finger pressure to get the socket to fit. ..... down so I can use standard bits because it is a funky little t-handle driver.

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