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A photocopier (also known as a copier or copy machine) is a machine that makes ... charged (black areas), just as paper sticks to a balloon with a static charge. ... Electric—neither of which ...

How does a photocopier work using static electricity?


Sep 1, 2015 ... An easy-to-understand explanation of how photocopiers work, with a ... Static electricity can "glue" things together using opposite electrical ...

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As a kid, you probably played with static electricity and balloons. On a dry winter day, you can rub a balloon on your sweater and create enough static electricity ...

BBC - GCSE Bitesize: Using static electricity


... static electricity. You need to be able to explain how static electricity can be useful. ... The flow chart outlines how a photocopier works. A laser printer works in ...

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Aug 6, 2013 ... An animation to show how static electricity is used in a photocopier.

BBC - GCSE Bitesize: Uses of electrostatics


Uses of electrostatics. Static electricity has many practical uses. Photocopiers and laser printers, defibrillators, electrostatic dust precipitators and paint sprayers  ...

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Sep 8, 2011 ... A quick look at how a photocopier works. ... DNL2 How does a laser photocopier work (Pour euros 1S4) ... Static Control 258,501 views. 2:19.

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A Photocopier uses Electrostatic Charge to produce a Copy? ... The drum has a coating that conducts electricity when light falls on it. The parts of the drum which  ...

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[edit]. One example of the practical use of static electricity is a photocopier. A photocopier is a complicated piece of equipment, ...

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Uses of Static Electricity. The Electrostatic ... Photocopiers consist of a drum or belt covered with a layer of photoconductive material. A photoconductive material  ...

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Q: How is static electricity is used in photocopiers?
A: A selenium coated drum is rubbed onto a brush. The selenium coated drum is positively charged. The light is shined onto the page that is to be copied. Being ref... Read More »
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Q: Does the photocopies use static electricity?
A: Yes the electrons form the pattern that the ink sticks to. Read More »
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Q: How does the photocopier use static electricity.
A: poo8tjhjktstui. Read More »
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Q: Does the photocopier use static electricity.
A: Photcopiers do use static electricity as an integral part of the copying process. A simplified description of how this is done is given below. Stage onePositive... Read More »
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Q: How do photocopiers work through static electricity?
A: An "image" is created by shining a laser onto a selenium drum. Instead of being made up of light, the pixels consist of electrostatic charges. Any part of the d... Read More »
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