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Phallaceae is a family of fungi, commonly known as stinkhorn mushrooms, within the order Phallales. Stinkhorns have a worldwide distribution, but are ...

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Stinkhorns are amazing mushrooms, notorious for popping up suddenly and ... of the Fungi contradicts itself on the status of these two stinkhorn families (the ...

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Stinkhorn Fungi — What Is That Smell? Joey Williamson, Ph.D. Home & Garden Information Center. Mycologists (scientists who study fungi) often describe ...

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Oct 19, 2012 ... This phallic fungus, known as the elegant stinkhorn, dog stinkhorn, or devil's dipstick, is stinky for a reason. Its smell is important for its unusual ...

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Jan 29, 2015 ... Stinkhorn fungi are smelly, reddish orange mushrooms that may resemble a wiffle ball, an octopus or a straight stem up to 8 inches high.

Elegant Stinkhorn


The Elegant Stinkhorn is a mushroom you will probably smell before you see. As its name suggests, this fungus gives off a strong, unpleasant odor, similar to ...

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Sep 28, 2011 ... Those orange projections coming out of the mulch are stinkhorn fungi. They're non-poisonous and actually beneficial in breaking down wood ...

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I love finding surprises in the garden, but not these obnoxious winter fungi. Two different species of stinkhorns have popped out of their egg-like cases in several  ...

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Aug 30, 2004 ... Being that mushrooms are considered a fungus, any fungal remover will ..... There are several steps to getting rid of the Stinkhorn Mushroom; ...

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Q: A mulched area under one of my trees has a large number of stinkhorns in it. It is beside my children's bedroom windows and it certainly has the correct name.

How to Kill a Stinkhorn Fungus
Stinkhorn fungi grow in an astonishing array of forms. The most ordinary of them resemble morel mushrooms (Morchella spp.). More exotic are the bright red or pink starfish stinkhorns (Aeseroe rubra). The most inappropriately named is the elegant... More »
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How to Kill a Stinkhorn Fungus: 9 Steps (with Pictures)


... something atrocious? It might not be that rank pair of old sneakers sitting on the porch. There is a type of fungus called the stinkhorn fungus that smells bad...

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Stinkhorn "egg" Stinkhorn fungi start out as white, egg-like structures in mulch or other damp, decomposing material. Most of this fungal structure is underground.

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Its terrible foetid smell as well as an unmistakable appearance makes the stinkhorn one of the most easily recognised species of fungi. Young fruit bodies ( the ...