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ologist meaning, definition, what is -ologist: a person who studies or has ... - ologist-ologist /ɒlədʒɪst $ ɑːl-/ (also -logist) suffix [in nouns] Ha person who ...


Greek: a suffix meaning: to talk, to speak; a branch of knowledge; any science or academic field that ends in -ology which is a variant of -logy; a person who ...


ologist definition, meaning, what is -ologist: used to form nouns; an expert in a particular area of ... Definition of “-ologist” - English Dictionary ... -ologistsuffix.


Suffix[edit]. -ologist. Alternative spelling of -logist (One who studies a subject)


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List all words ending with ologist. 201 words found. algologist · anesthesiologist · angelologist · anthologist · anthropologist · apologist · archaeologist


logy is a suffix in the English language, used with words originally adapted from Ancient ... The definition of ologist in the dictionary is an expert or student in an ...


Looking for online definition of Ologist in the Medical Dictionary? Ologist explanation ... What is Ologist? Meaning of Ologist medical term. ... suffix, Latin, study of.


Looking for online definition of -ologist in the Medical Dictionary? ... What is - ologist? ... a suffix meaning "a science or study of": mammalogy, metabology, ...