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Mmm! Sweet potatoes topped with creamy toasted marshmallows.


This is a compilation of a couple of different recipes I found on the web. My husband loves sweet potatoes with LOTS of marshmallows and wanted a casserole ...


Top this lightened version of Traditional Sweet Potato Casserole with both marshmallows and toated pecans.


There are marshmallows and brown sugar to keep the youngsters happy, and " big ... This was the first time I made sweet potato casserole, and I don't think I'll ...


Nov 5, 2016 ... Sweet Potato Casserole with Marshmallow & Pecan Streusel. November 5 ... It is my go-to sweet potato casserole recipe. It continues to be one ...


Recipe including course(s): Side; and ingredients: brown sugar, butter, cinnamon , ground nutmeg, marshmallows, sweet potato.


Serve up this sweet potato casserole from Martha Stewart made with mashed sweet ... Serve up this casserole made with mashed sweet potatoes and a marshmallow topping that's a perfect ... Great tips & recipes delivered to your inbox.


From the traditional sweet potato casserole topped with marshmallows, to recipes with a sweeter or healthier spin, serve any of our best sweet potato casserole ...


Want that marshmallow-topped sweet potato flavor without taking up precious oven space? Just make it in the slow cooker instead!