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Items 1 - 15 of 25 ... Taxidermy Tips by the technical staff at McKenzie Taxidermy Supply.


Aug 17, 2012 ... Don't wait until your trophy is on the ground to decide how you want to preserve the moment.


It is believed that taxidermy has been around for many centuries. It may even go back to the beginning of man. Saving trophies has always been a favorite.


Taking Care of Taxidermy: Tips from the Reigning World Champ. By Brian Lynn June 13, 2013. Comments. If the name Dale Manning sounds familiar, it should.


Taxidermy Tips and Tricks. Words of wisdom… If you are looking to have an animal mounted, there are some simple, but important things to keep in mind.


Jun 4, 2015 ... The Taxidermy Profession: Game heads, Antlers, Horns, Repair, Cleaning Skulls, Business, Pricing and more. A little bit of everything for the ...

Jan 17, 2017 ... Previously I did a tip on "carding" deer ears with Pepsi cups because of the wax coating. In today's tip I show you the way I am carding my deer ...


I would like to start a trend on tips and tricks that help make taxidermy work easier . Example: 1) When putting clay in mammals feet roll the clay ...


As covered in the first taxidermy tip section, bacteria are the enemy of all dead things. Bacteria destroy and break down once-living cells and cause them to rot.


As a taxidermist I'm often ask to critique the work of others. Recently, while visiting a prospective client, a mounted whitetail on the hunter's wall riveted my ...