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Consumers are organisms of an ecological food chain which receive energy by consuming ... Humans are one such example of a tertiary consumer.

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Tertiary consumer definition, a carnivore at the topmost level in a food chain that feeds on other carnivores; an animal that feeds only on secondary consumers.

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tertiary consumer. Also found in: Medical, Wikipedia. Related to tertiary consumer : secondary consumer. tertiary consumer. n. An organism that feeds on ...

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Nov 5, 2008 ... Tertiary consumer. Home » Tertiary ... An organism that largely feeds on secondary and primary consumers. ... See also: consumer, food chain.

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Definition of tertiary consumer – Our online dictionary has tertiary consumer information from A Dictionary of Zoology dictionary. Encyclopedia.com: English ...

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There are three types of organisms in a food chain: producers, consumers and ... Tertiary consumers eat the secondary consumers and are usually carnivores ...

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Tertiary Consumers. Snakes eat Frogs. In this example, the Snakes are the Tertiary Consumers. They obtain part of the energy that is stored by the frogs.

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tertiary consumer definition: ... ... An organism that feeds on secondary consumers in a food chain. The American ... How would you define tertiary consumer?

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The second level of the food chains is called the Primary Consumer. These consume the ... The fourth level is called Tertiary Consumers. These are animals that ...

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Organisms that consume primary consumers are called secondary consumers. Organisms that consume secondary consumers are called tertiary consumers, ...

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In biology, a food web represents all the possible paths energy and nutrients can take through an ecosystem, from one organism to the next. Each path is a food chain, and contains several trophic levels, which separate different types of organisms. A... More »
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The tertiary consumers are are eaten by quaternary consumers -- an example is a hawk that eats owls. Each food chain end with a top predator, and animal with ...

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In some ecosystems, there is a third level of consumer called the tertiary consumer (that means third level). These are consumers that eat the secondary and ...

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Any living thing that needs to eat food is a consumer. All animals are consumers. So are many microscopic creatures. Many consumers eat plants or parts of ...