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Three features of early mobile phone messaging encouraged users to use abbreviations: (a) Text entry was difficult, requiring multiple key presses on a small ...

The Largest List of Chat Acronyms and Text Message Shorthand (IM ...


a.k.a. Internet acronyms, text message jargon, abbreviations, initialisms, cyberslang, leetspeak, ... The actual definition of an acronym and text shorthand is here.

Top 50 Most Popular Text Terms - NetLingo


Top 50 Popular Text & Chat Acronyms & IM Shorthand - NetLingo The Internet ... Text Messaging, Smileys ;-) NetLingo is an online dictionary of thousands of ...

Text Messaging and Online Chat Abbreviations - Webopedia


Sep 29, 2015 ... This Webopedia Quick Reference lists more than 1400 text message and online chat abbreviations to help you translate today's texting lingo.

Let's start with the most ubiquitous and infamous of text shorthand: LOLs: I am sure most of you already know this stands for Laugh Out Loud and is used to imply laughter. It seems most people read written language in a more harsh tone than often intended so adding emo... More »

Text Message Abbreviations & SMS Text Messaging Shortcuts [LOL]


Here's a list of over 300 popular SMS (short message service) text messaging abbreviations or text messaging shortcuts used to reduce typing on your cell ...

txtDrop.com - Text Message Abbreviations List


The complete text message abbreviation list at TxtDrop.com. ... Save yourself some time and effort by using abbreviations. AAF, we think you'll be LOLing by the ...

50 Popular Texting Abbreviations & Internet Acronyms — Explained


What do all these 2 to 4 letter acronyms stand for? Like LOL, HTH, BTW, TTYL, ... used in E-Mail, SMS, Chat, ...

92 Teen Text Terms Decoded for Confused Parents | TIME.com


May 3, 2012 ... A field guide to text terms and abbreviations ... to lowercase or even changing capitalization, whether at the beginning or middle of a message.

Texting Abbreviations


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Popular Q&A
Q: How to Understand Text Message Shorthand.
A: So, you want to understand text message shorthand, but instead you feel like an OL. You're not alone. But help is here: No longer are YOYO. BTW, that's text mes... Read More »
Source: www.ehow.com
Q: How to understand text message shorthand?
A: 1. Face it, you are a 4NR (foreigner). OOTL (out of the loop), a stranger in a strange land. If you want a D&M (deep and meaningful) relationship with your ... Read More »
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Q: Text message shorthand?
A: SMS language (also known as chatspeak, txt, txtspk, texting language or txt talk) is the English language slang used in mobile phone SMS. It is an abbreviated f... Read More »
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Q: What does ;P mean in text messaging shorthand?
A: Winking and sticking your toungue out. basically means you are joking or acting silly. Read More »
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Q: What does the abbreviation NCE stand for in text message shorthan...
A: I'm sorry, I was unable to find an abbreviation Read More »
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