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The Aztecs
The Aztec Empire dominated Mesoamerica from Mexico and Guatemala to the territories of Salvador and Honduras for nearly 100 years. This empire consisted of the native speaking people known as the Nahuatl-speakers and those of the Culhua-Mexico.

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The Aztec calendar is the calendar system that was used by the Aztecs as well as other Pre-Columbian peoples of central Mexico. It is one of the Mesoamerican ...

Introduction to the Aztec Calendar


There is not just one Aztec calendar, there are two more or less independent ... In Nahuatl, the language of the Aztecs, it is called the tonalpohualli or, the ...

Aztec Calendar: Today in the Aztec and Maya Calendar


Aztec and Mayan Calendar. Find a date in the tonalpohualli, the sacred calendar of the Mexica, the Aztecs of Mexico. A reading of the significance of a day and ...

Aztec calendar stone - Aztec History


The artist carved the Aztec calendar stone in 1479. Naturally, it was dedicated to the sun god. It was a massive carving, 3 feet thick, almost 12 feet across, and ...

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Aztec Calendar. Sun Stone. The Aztec calendar is the calendar system that was used by the Aztecs as well as other Pre-Columbian peoples of central Mexico.

The Aztec Calendar - mysterious origins and later uses - Aztec History


What was the Aztec calendar, and how was it used? Where did it come from? Actually, there's more than one Aztec calendar, and its origins are ancient...

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Nov 5, 2016 ... The Aztec Calendar is often confused with the Mayan calendar. The two are quite similar. The truth is that the Aztecs borrowed the Mayan ...

The Aztec Calendar Wheel and the Philosophy of Time | Ancient ...


Feb 15, 2014 ... The Aztec calendar wheels have been a source of fascination for centuries. It was not just a way to keep time - it was a complete philosophy of ...

The Aztec Calendar (Article) - Ancient History Encyclopedia


Apr 25, 2016 ... The Aztecs of ancient Mexico measured time with a sophisticated and interconnected triple calendar system which adhered to movements of ...