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Yu the Great


Yu the Great was a legendary ruler in ancient China famed for his introduction of flood control, inaugurating dynastic rule in China by founding the Xia Dynasty, and for his .... The first time he p...

The emperor Yu founded China's first dynasty after he did what


After he introduced irrigation to the Yellow River valley.

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He is considered the founder of China and all Chinese people claim descent from him. ... Yu's first task was to repair the kingdom after a great flood, which some have ... The tyrannical rule of the Emperor Jie of the Xia dynasty led to revolt and ...

Yu the Great, Da Yu: the Ancient Hero in China History


Yu the Great, ancient hero in prehistoric times is known for controlling floods. ... After thirteen years of fighting against the billowy flood, he finally handled the ... In 2070 BC, Yu established the Xia Dynasty (21st - 16th century BC) with his ...

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Jan 10, 2016 ... Huang-ti was succeeded by his grandson Zhuanxu, one of the famous Five Emperors, who founded the Xia tribe. After defeating their rivals, the Xia established the first dynasty in China under the leadership of the Emperor Yao. ... After he was gone, Emperor Shun appointed Gun's son Yu to complete the ...

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Dec 18, 2012 ... The dynasty was founded by Yu the Great who worked relentlessly for ... After he had controlled the flooding, Yu conquered the Sanmiao tribes and .... The Yellow Emperor's Canon of Medicine, China's earliest written record ...

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Kids learn about the Xia Dynasty of Ancient China including its history, how we know about the Xia, the Three ... What makes it the first Chinese Dynasty? ... After the Three Sovereigns came the Five Emperors. ... The Xia Dynasty was founded by Yu the Great. Yu had ... He became king of the Xia. ... Puyi (The Last Emperor)

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1766 BC: traditional date for the founding of the first historic dynasty in China, the ... 771 BC: Eastern Zhou dynasty period begins after the sack of the Western ... 221 BC: The First Emperor, Qin Shih Huang, completes the conquest of all .... was getting old, and abdicated the throne in favor of Yu, whom he deemed worthy.

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Xia-Dynasty ... The first chinese civilization was established around the fertile areas of Huanghe (The ... of Tibet were also left in peace, until the middle of the first century after Christ. ... Emperor Yao let Shun marry two of his daughters and he also gave him the ... It was Yu who founded the first imperial dynasty in China.

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Yu the Great was a famous leader of China known for his flood control technique ... He was believed to be a descendant of the Yellow Emperor and born in the Year of ... attitude towards work that he chose Yu to be the successor to the throne after him. ... (One of the world's first workaholics.) ... Yu: the founder of Xia Dynasty.

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Introducing to Xia Dynasty history and facts on politics, economics, capitals, culture and social life. ... such as the Classic of History, the Xia Dynasty was the first dynastic clan to rule China. ... But the dikes that he built against the flooding didn't work. ... Another account describes that Yu was called Yu the Great after ...

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The founding of China's first dynasty, Xia Dynasty in the 21st century B.C. ... He called himself Shi Huang Di (the First Emperor), also known as Qin Shi ... A few years later, Liu Bang defeated Xi'ang Yu and established the strong Han Dynasty in 206 B.C. ... After the Tang Dynasty, came the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms ...

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Xia dynasty is considered to be the first dynasty in ancient China which lasted for ... This dynasty was set up by Yu the great under the system of choosing ... Things went fine till the ninth emperor, after which came the downfall of the ... Soon he was thrown and the empire was taken over by Wuwang chief of Chou dynasty.