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An atomic orbital is a mathematical function that describes the wave-like ... Any orbital can be occupied by a maximum of two electrons, each with its own spin ... spherical zone of probability desc...

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Feb 20, 2014 ... First we look at the n=1 shell (the first shell). ... s-orbitals can hold 2 electrons, the p-orbitals can hold 6 electrons. ... An easy way to visualise this is like this: ... Each shell (or energy level) has some number of subshells, which ... For example, the subshell of any energy level consists of spherical orbitals...

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It gives the impression that the electrons are circling the nucleus in orbits like ... The circles show energy levels - representing increasing distances from the nucleus. ... In the hydrogen case, the electron can be found anywhere within a spherical ... If you look carefully, you will notice that there is another region of slightly ...

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And they'll say, OK, it's going to be within this sphere; and it actually gets denser .... And what does that first orbital subshell, that; s-shell, look like? .... Basically there are a series of energy levels (or electron shells) around the nucleus of an atom. ... So for example - the d sub-shell can hold a maximum of 10 elect...

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The number denotes the energy level of the electron in the orbital. ... Now, let's look at a cross-section of these orbitals. ... orbital has very little electron density near the nucleus, but it builds up to a maximum as ... A 2s orbital is similar to a 1s orbital, but it has sphere of electron density ... How many electrons can s,...

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Some middle school texts show the electrons in pairs on an energy level. ... There can be a maximum of two electrons in any orbital so showing elec- ... Some teachers might like to use a different model that shows more details of ... There is a spherical orbital called 2s. ... So the second energy level can hold up to eight.

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a p orbital. Atomic orbitals have different shapes. All s are spherical. ... All p orbitals are shaped somewhat like a dumbbell, with the thin, pinched ... No matter what its shape, an orbital can only hold a maximum of two electrons at any time.

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In this lesson, we will talk about electron shells and the orbitals within them. ... If your shell is n = 1, then the energy level is 1 and it has 1 subshell. ... Each of these subshells (s, p, d and f) can hold a specific maximum numbers of electrons: s =2, p = 6, d =10, and f ... The s orbitals have a spherical shape and are symmetri...

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s sublevels are spherically shaped. The p, d and f sublevels have more complex shapes. s orbitals can hold a maximum of 2 electrons, p a maximum of 6 electron, d a ... 1s sublevel will be found 99 percent of the time somewhere in a sphere with a ... Given this, we can answer questions like: "what are potassium's electron  ...

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Oct 31, 2012 ... For example, energy level I can hold a maximum of two electrons, and ... in the Figure below, some orbitals are shaped like spheres (S orbitals) ...

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Q: Can You Help? The Energy Level That Looks Like A Sphere Is The __...
A: The Energy Level That Looks Like A Sphere Is The s-orbital; It Can Hold A Maximum Of 2 Electrons. Read More »
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Q: It says " there are four orbitals in the second energy level, and...
A: Thats a hard question.The best I can say for now is that, electrons don't orbit. Not really. But your question is.kinda big! If someoen with any real info knows... Read More »
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Each principal energy level can contain up to 2n<sup>2</sup> electrons, where n is the number of ... (Like many models, this explanation is an oversimplification, but for the ... A set of three p orbitals, called the p sublevel, can hold a maximum of six electrons. ... The 2s orbital is a larger sphere than the 1s orbital, the 3s orbital is large...

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Electrons can spin around the nucleus of an atom in any direction ... A shell is sometimes called an energy level. 3. Shells are areas that ... Orbitals of an atom with letter designations ... Not all shells and suborbitals hold the same number of electrons. For the ... Suborbital "p" is shaped kind of like barbells or a figur...

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nucleus and have less energy than an electron in an energy level 2 orbital. 3.4 - Electron Arrangements. Figure 3.4-1 All s-orbitals are sphere shaped. .... that like the d-block, the f-block does not have principle energy levels that directly ... The Pauli exclusion principle states that each orbital can hold a maximum of two.