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The epidermis is composed of the outermost layers of cells in the skin, "epi" in Greek meaning "over" or "upon", which together with the dermis forms the cutis.

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The inner layer of cells is known as the Endoderm layer.

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The blastocyst is a sphere made up of an outer layer of cells (the trophoblast), a fluid-filled cavity (the blastocoel), and a cluster of cells on the interior (the inner ...

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These adult tissues are derived from three embryonic cell layers called germinal ... the middle layer is the mesoderm, and the innermost layer is the endoderm.

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Its two main layers are the epidermis (outer layer) and dermis (inner layer). The epidermis has several strata (layers) that contain four cell types. Keratinocytes ...

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Rod and cone layer/Bacillary layer,Layer of photoreceptor cells - contains the outer segments and inner segments of the rod and cone photoreceptors.

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Endoderm: One of the three germ layers. Specifically, this is the inner layer of cells in the embryo and it will develop into lungs, digestive organs, the liver, the ...

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In order to identify the different types of cells that line the stomach and the functions of each of these types of cells it is necessary to describe the inner- layers of ...

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secondary cell wall: innermost layer of a cell wall deposited after cell ... cuticle: a water repellent layer that coats the outer cell walls of the epidermis on aerial ...

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The retina is basically made up of two layers. There is an inner layer of 'seeing cells' called rods and cones. These cells react to light and send electrical signals  ...

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Q: What is the inner layer of cells?
A: The inner layer of a cell is the Endoderm. Cells migrating inward along the archenteron form the inner layer of the gastrula, which develops into the Read More »
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Q: What is the inner layer of cells called.
A: The inner layer of cells is known as the Endoderm layer. Read More »
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Q: What is the inner layer of cells in the hydra called?
A: The Hydra's has only two germ layers (diploblastic organism), ectoderm and endoderm that constitute outer layer (epidermis) and inner layer (gastrodermis) of th... Read More »
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Q: What is The inner layer of a cell called?
A: The inner layer of a cell is called the. endoderm. Read More »
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