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The epidermis is composed of the outermost layers of cells in the skin, "epi" in Greek meaning "over" or "upon", which together with the dermis forms the cutis.

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The inner layer of cells is known as the Endoderm layer.

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Early multicellular embryo, composed of two or more germinal layers of cells from ... the middle layer is the mesoderm, and the innermost layer is the endoderm.

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Epidermis: This tough layer of cells is the outermost layer of skin. ... These cells are constantly shed and replaced by cells from the lower layers of the epidermis.

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The blastocyst is a sphere made up of an outer layer of cells (the trophoblast), a fluid-filled cavity (the blastocoel), and a cluster of cells on the interior (the inner ...

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Rod and cone layer/Bacillary layer,Layer of photoreceptor cells - contains the outer segments and inner segments of the rod and cone photoreceptors.

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The outer, clear layer of cells is called the epidermis or ectoderm, and generates the nematocysts. The inner layer is called the endoderm or gastrodermis, and ...

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The heart wall is comprised of three layers: the outer epicardium, the middle ... Endocardium is composed of endothelial cells and lines the inner surface of the ...

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Jul 22, 2015 ... The inner layer, called the endometrium, is the most active layer and ... is a thin layer of tissue made of epithelial cells that envelop the uterus.

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Endoderm: One of the three germ layers. Specifically, this is the inner layer of cells in the embryo and it will develop into lungs, digestive organs, the liver, the ...

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In order to identify the different types of cells that line the stomach and the functions of each of these types of cells it is necessary to describe the inner- layers of ...

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Apr 14, 2016 ... Germ layer, any of three primary cell layers, formed in the earliest stages of embryonic development, consisting of the endoderm (inner layer), ...

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The Epidermis (thin outer layer of skin) The Dermis (thick inner layer of skin) ... The epidermis.contains different types of cells, the most common are; squamous  ...