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The culture of ancient Rome existed throughout the almost 1200-year history of the civilization ... The city of Rome was the largest megalopolis of that time, with a population that may well ... Mai...

The largest social class in Egypt or ancient Rome was made up of A ...


the largest social class in Egypt of ancient Rome was made up of A artisans B farmers C soldiers D traders b.farmer.

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The largest social class in ancient Egypt and ancient Rome wasfarmers due to the rising population. Farmers made up the largestsocial class in both.

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What was the social class of a seamstress in ancient rome? ... Farmers made up the largest social class in both in Egypt and AncientRome and in every ...

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What was the largest group in Egyptian society made up of? .... The largest social class in Egypt or ancient Rome was made up of A artisans B soldiers C farmers ...

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In the social pyramid of ancient Egypt the pharaoh and those associated with ... Skilled workers such as physicians and craftspersons made up the middle class.

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Ancient Egypt: Cultural and political history, mythology and daily life ... other hand saw Egypt as being made up of three social classes since its very beginning: .... This largest part of the population consisted mostly of peasants and farm labourers, ... In Graeco-Roman times beggars were at times quite sophisticated, perhaps ....

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Social Classes of Ancient Rome: Patricians, Plebians, and Slaves (Main Page) ... and the patricians were, step by step, forced to give up their exclusive right to ... patricius became a personal title, which conferred a rank immediately below the consuls. ... A female slave might be emancipated and made a freedwoman and her ...

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Social class in ancient Rome was hierarchical , but there were multiple and ... was established by: ancestry ( patrician or plebeian ); census rank (ordo) based on wealth ... Freedmen were often highly educated and made up the bulk of the civil .... Roman Egypt Galatia Roman Gaul Roman Greece Hispania Insulae Roman ...

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3 days ago ... The ancient Egyptian people were grouped in a hierarchical system with the ... The diagram above shows the structure of ancient Egyptian society. ... all over the known world, including the Greeks and Romans, Persians and Indians. ... agents —from ground up corpses to toxic mercury to crocodile dung.