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The epicenter, epicentre /ˈɛpɪsɛntər/ or epicentrum is the point on the Earth's surface that is directly above the hypocenter or focus, ... point on the Earth's surface directly above the point where the fault begins to rupture, ... This distance is called the epicentral distance, commonly measured in ... Read · Edit · View history ...


The uncertainty is because that's actually the surface location directly above the ... What is the location on the surface of the earth immediately above the origin of  ...


... an earthquake. Find out where they are located. ... The focus is also called the hypocenter of an earthquake. ... Directly above the focus on the Earth's surface is the earthquake epicenter. ... Earthquake waves do not originate at the epicenter. ... The 1960 Chilean earthquake broke along 800 kilometers of the fault line.


Also called Longitudinal Waves= wave motion (amplitude) is parallel to ... Earthquake Fault = earthquake faults are fractures where displacement is on ... Epicentre = the point on the Earth's surface vertically above the focus of an ... Hypocentre = the location below the Earth's surface where an earthquake rupture begins.


Stresses in the earth's outer layer push the sides of the fault together. The friction across the surface of the fault holds the rocks together so they do not slip ... fingertip and thumb, earthquakes happen over an area of the fault, called the rupture surface. ... The epicenter is the point on the surface directly above the hypocenter.


Sep 24, 2015 ... Pressure is a uniform stress and is referred and is also called confining .... A blind fault is one that does not break the surface of the earth. Instead, rocks above the fault have behaved in ductile fashion and folded over the tip of the fault. ... This is the exact location within the earth were seismic waves are ...


Sep 15, 2014 ... The location where sinking of a plate occurs is called a subduction zone. ... Oceanic-continental convergence also sustains many of the Earth's active ... Above: The collision between the Indian and Eurasian plates has pushed up ... This transform fault connects the East Pacific Rise, a divergent boundary to ...


Adit - A nearly horizontal passage from the surface by which a mine is entered ..... to 10 cm thick and located immediately above certain coal seams, which falls quite ... If the hole is much over 0.4m in diameter, the machine is called a borer. ... Fault - A slip-surface between two portions of the earth's surface that have moved  ...


Faults dipping more than 45° are called high angle faults; Faults dipping less than 45° are called ... Erosion reaching a fault makes a fault trace on the Earth's surface. Fault blocks. The rock immediately above and below a non-vertical fault or shear zone is referred to as the ... rocks, which have retained their original location.


This crust is full of large and small cracks called faults. ... Epicenter: The epicenter is the location on the surface of the earth directly above the focus of an earthquake. .... At the instant an earthquake occurs, P, S and L waves immediately begin ...