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Seismometers are instruments that measure motion of the ground, including those of seismic ... It is often used to mean seismometer, though it is more applicable to the older instruments in which th...

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The seismograph and the seismoscope are the two main instruments used to measure the strength of earthquakes. The seismoscope is a simple instrument that ...

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Aug 20, 2010 ... While there are many modern scales used to calculate the magnitude, ... each with instruments that measure how much the ground shakes over ...

How Are Earthquake Magnitudes Measured?


There are a number of ways to measure the magnitude of an earthquake. The first widely-used method, the Richter scale, was developed by Charles F. ... so it can describe earthquakes of unimaginable and (so far) unexperienced intensity,  ...

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There are two ways in which scientists quantify the size of earthquakes: magnitude and intensity. You have probably heard of the Richter scale which is still used ...

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Jun 6, 2016 ... Now, instruments are carefully calibrated with respect to each other. ... The Richter Scale is not commonly used anymore, as it has been replaced by ... earthquake are used to determine the fault geometry, and the wave amplitudes ... Intensity and magnitude thus both depend on many variables that include ...

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Magnitude and other units of measurement of the severity of an earthquake by ... Seismographs are the instruments which record earthquakes. ... by a seismologist named Conrad Richter to measure the intensity of the seismic waves.

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Measuring Earthquakes: Magnitude and Intensity ... of 100 kilometers from the earthquake epicenter (seismograph is an instrument for recording the ... the one currently used in the United States is the Modified Mercalli Intensity (MMI) Scale.



I. Earthquakes are vibrations of the Earth produced by the release of energy ... is an instrument used to measure the intensity and location of earthquake by ...

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Mercalli's scale measured the intensity of shaking during an earthquake. This is ... instruments used and their locations with respect to the earthquake epicentre.

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Strong-motion seismometers (which are also known as Accelerographs) are used to measure the intensity of earthquakes. It should be noted that intensity is ...

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The seismograph is an instrument that measures seismic waves caused by an ... Like the seismoscope, other devices used to gather information on earthquakes were .... (“Intensity”) Like the Richter scale, the Modified Mercalli Intensity Scale ...

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Earthquakes are measured with the Richter Magnitude Scale developed by Charles ... Earthquakes are also measured by the Mercalli Intensity Scale which is a ...