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In plate tectonics, a convergent boundary, also known as a destructive plate boundary (because of subduction), is an actively deforming region where two (or  ...

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You are here: home > geotopics > plate tectonics > destructive ... A destructive plate boundary happens where an oceanic and continental plate move towards ...

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A destructive plate boundary is sometimes called a convergent or tensional plate margin. This occurs when oceanic and continental plates move together.

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The western coast of South America and the Himalayan Mountains are convergent plate boundaries. Also called active margin , collision zone. See more at ...

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This is called as the endogenetic force as the energy comes from within the earth. At a constructive plate ... At a destructive plate boundary (convergent boundaries) the crust is destroyed as the plates converge or collide. ... You might also like.

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Convergent Plate Boundaries in continental and oceanic lithosphere - by ... The oceanic plate is forced down into the mantle in a process known as "subduction". ... is an ancient example of this collision type and is also marked on the map.

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Sep 15, 2014 ... Perhaps the best known of the divergent boundaries is the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. ... Strong, destructive earthquakes and the rapid uplift of mountain ranges ... Oceanic-continental convergence also sustains many of the Earth's ...

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3.7 Destructive plate boundaries, continued: continent-continent destructive ... Examples can be easily seen on the Cocos-Nazca Ridge (also known as the ...

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Jul 29, 2015 ... Destructive Plate Boundaries Also known as convergent boundaries or compressional boundaries. These cause violent volcanoes and ...

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Jan 6, 2015 ... convergent plate boundary, Noun. area where two or more tectonic plates bump into each other. Also called a collision zone. correspond, Verb.

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convergent ... A destructive plate boundary may also be formed between Oceanic plates and ... Which boundary is known as a constructive boundary? Divergent.

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In this lesson, you will learn the meaning of the term 'convergent boundary' in the context of plate tectonics. ... the entire outer crust of the Earth is broken down into sections, called tectonic plates. ... A convergent boundary, or destructive boundary, is where two plates are ... Convergent boundaries can also form islands...

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Figure 24: Cross section of a convergent plate boundary involving a collision ... at convergent plate boundaries, also known as destructive plate boundaries, ...