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In physical geography, a dune is a hill of loose sand built by wind or the flow of water. Dunes occur in different shapes and sizes, formed by interaction with the flow of air or water. Most kinds o...

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The upwind direction of a sand dune has a gentle slope. A steep slope is on the downwind side. The pronounced slope of a sand dune is called a slip face.

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Sep 9, 2013 ... A sand dune migrates in the same direction that the wind usually blows. ... The side of a sand dune facing away from the wind is called the ...

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Sand dunes in the Gobi Desert, the coldest and northernmost desert in the world. ... Slip face: The steeply sloped side of a dune that faces away from the wind.

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In physical geography, a dune is a hill of sand built by eolian (wind-related) ... dune; and a shorter, steeper face on the leeward side facing away from the wind.

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Deposition by Wind. IV. ... Piles of sand which accumulate in deserts or near beaches are called dunes. ... Leeward side of a dune (faces away from the wind) -.

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Dec 20, 2016 ... Most people think of sand dunes when they hear the word dune. ... edge eventually gets too heavy, creates an unstable slope, and slides down the other side in a layer. ... The slip face of a barchan is away from the wind.

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The trailing wall has a rounded shape from the ends on either side toward the ... A barchan dune is a crescent-shaped sand dune that faces the wind and is ...

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... windward side of a mountain faces the wind while the leeward side faces away from ... A: As with all dunes, parabolic dunes are primarily shaped by the wind.

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Sep 4, 2013 ... Sand dunes move by different means, all of them aided by the wind. ... On a seif dune, the slip face develops on the side facing away from the ...