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Hernán Cortés de Monroy y Pizarro, Marquis of the Valley of Oaxaca was a Spanish .... Cortés was appointed Captain-General of this new expedition in October .... Cortés presents ...

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Hernan Cortes was an explorer who eventually defeated the Aztec people and brought Mexico under Spanish rule. This is a timeline of his life.

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Find out more about the history of Hernan Cortes, including videos, interesting articles, pictures, historical features and more. Get all the facts on HISTORY.com.

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Hernán Cortés was a Spanish conquistador and the man who won Mexico for Spain. Learn about his expeditions on Biography.com.

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Hernando Cortes conquered the Aztec empire in 1519 and built Mexico City, which became the Spanish stronghold in the New World. ... Explorer. Age of Discovery. Claim to Fame: He conquered the Aztec empire in 1519 ... Biography; Gallery ...

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Discover facts about Hernando Cortes - the Spanish conquistador who ... who was now governor, to make him commander of an expedition to Mexico.

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Hernando Cortes was a famous explorer... but what did he discover?

Timeline of Hernan Cortes' Conquest of the Aztecs


Oct 20, 2015 ... 1492: Christopher Columbus Discovers the New World for Europe. 1502: Christopher Columbus, on his Fourth New World Voyage, meets with ...

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Fast facts about the exploration of America and the life of Hernando Cortes. Short Biography of Hernando Cortes. Facts, history and information about Hernando ...

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Kids learn about the biography and life of Spanish explorer and conquistador Hernan Cortes. He conquered the Aztec Empire.

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Hernan Cortes: Facts, Biography, Quotes & Timeline. Chapter 2 / Lesson 37 ... In 1518, Velasquez had asked Cortes to lead an expedition to explore Mexico.

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Fast and accurate details and facts about the history of Hernando Cortes. ... Hernando Cortes - Spanish Conquistador and Explorer; Facts, Timeline and History ...

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In this brief Hernan Cortez biography, we'll try to learn a bit more about the man who ... He joined an expedition to the New World, but never made it on board.