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Jun 25, 2013 ... Easy step by step tutorial on how to make a tornado in a bottle! You will need: A glass or plastic bottle with smooth sides (no ridges) and has a ...

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Learn how to make a tornado in a bottle with this fun science experiment for kids. Using easy to find items such as dish washing liquid, water, glitter and a bottle ...

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Apr 28, 2014 ... Make a tornado in a bottle, using two plastic bottles and duct tape. You and your kids will see how a tornado vortex is formed by creating one ...

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Tornado in a Bottle. “And then I was enveloped by the freight train roar…as. I got to the stairs all of the front of the building blew in…like a bomb went off, just a ...

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Tornado in a Bottle ... Tape the other bottle on top of the one with water in it. ... To make the water go down into the other bottle, swirl the bottles in a circular ...

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TORNADO IN A BOTTLE Tornado. MATERIALS: 2 2-liter clear plastic pop bottles (empty and clean); water; duct tape or you can purchase a Tornado Tube at the ...

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First, a little information on a tornado: "A tornado is a natural storm disaster ... You can make your own (The traditional way to do this) By taking 2 bottle caps, ...

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Whirling water creates a tornado in a bottle. Water forms a spiraling, funnel- shaped vortex as it drains from a 2-liter soda bottle. A simple connector device allows ...

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Tornado in a Bottle. Overview. Simulate a tornado with this handmade contraption and learn some weather science along the way. Watch how a vortex forms ...

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Product Description. Demonstrate a vortex in your classroom! Show that in order for water to ... Vortex Bottle Connector - Tornado in a Bottle Colors May Vary.
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How to Make a Tornado in a Bottle
Tornadoes are a powerful demonstration of the forces of nature. The center of these destructive phenomena, the vortex, is illustrated vividly in the experiment that follows. Adult supervision is needed to complete this project. Read on to learn how to... More »
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How to Make a Tornado in a Bottle. With water, dish soap, and a bit of spinning, you can make a tornado in a bottle! This can be a great way to learn how ...

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Prepare for tornado warnings as homemade twisters turn a soda bottle into tornado alley. How long does it take to empty a soda bottle full of water? You'll ...

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Make and observe your very own tornado inside a jar. ... Just shake it up whenever you're in the mood to see your tornado. ... Bottle Tornado: What you need.