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The tragus is a small pointed eminence of the external ear, situated in front of the ... text in the public domain from the 20th edition of Gray's Anatomy (1918).

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tragus. (ˈtreɪɡəs). n, pl -gi (-dʒaɪ). 1. (Anatomy) the cartilaginous fleshy projection that partially covers the entrance to the external ear. 2. (Anatomy) any of the ...

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Ear Anatomy ... The antitragus is the inferior margin of cartilage opposite the tragus. Tragus. The tragus is the small epidermal fold just in front of the ear canal.

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In front of the concha, and projecting backward over the meatus, is a small pointed eminence, the tragus, so called from its being generally covered on its under ...

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Nov 1, 2015 ... The tragus is a pointed flap on the outside of the ear that covers the rounded bowl that forms the back of the ear. If the tragus...

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I always thought of this part of the ear as nature's earplug. Turns out, the web informs me, it's called the tragus. See here:

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Tragus definition, a fleshy prominence at the front of the external opening of the ear. See more. ... Anatomy. 1. a fleshy prominence at the front of the external opening of the ear. ... They are large, and the tragus of the ear is well developed.

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Aug 1, 2007 ... Tragus, from the Latin tragos, goat: the skin-covered, cartilaginous flap just anterior to the opening of the external ear canal. "Covering your ...

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Sep 12, 2013 ... The anatomy of the ear is composed of the following parts: External ear (auricle) ( see the following image){file12685} Middle ear (tympanic): ...

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Jul 9, 2015 ... Anatomy The ear is composed of 3 compartments: the external ear, the ... by skin and consists of the helix, antihelix, lobule, tragus, and concha.

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Q: What is a tragus in terms of human anatomy?
A: Human Ear: Tragus a prominent ridge, the helix, arises from the floor of Read More »
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...shallow funnel. The deepest depression, which leads directly to the external auditory canal, or acoustic meatus, is called the concha. It is partly covered by two ...

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A ridge of cartilage opposite and slightly below the tragus. Aperture The opening of the ear canal. Auricle or pinna. The external ear. Concha The bowl-shaped ...

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Navicular fossa: boat-shaped fold of the ear. Root of the helix: part of the helix. Anthelix: curved ridge in front of the helix. Tragus: prominence over and in front of  ...

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The anatomy of the external ear, also known as the auricle or pinna, is complex ... anatomical parts: antihelix; antitragus; concha; helix; lobe; scapha; tragus; ...