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Jul 27, 2015 ... Here is detailed information about tragus piercing: the procedure itself, costs, possible pain, infection risks, healing time, jewelry types available ...

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How much does a tragus piercing cost? This will vary from place to place and depending on the jewellery you choose, but on average it will cost around £20.

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Nov 28, 2009 ... This is me getting my tragus pierced on my 19th birthday. It didn't hurt that bad, there was just a lot of pressure. I think my ear bled more than ...

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Dec 18, 2013 ... The price of piercing in the tragus depends on several factors. The location or the city where the person is living is a deciding factor when it ...

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Tragus Body Jewelry is some of the most popular and attractive types of Body Piercing Jewelry out there. Buy from your trusted Body Jewelry retailer: ...

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Factual, no nonsense information about tragus piercing pain, cost and aftercare, as well as the process of piercing used for this popular body modification.

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What is tragus piercing - does it involve pain, the cost, healing time and types of jewelry that can be used - complete information.

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Our expertly trained professional body piercers can pierce any part of your body. ... Fashion Body Piercing Prices. We have .... Tongue piercing, Tragus piercing.

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INNER CARTILAGE: (Conch, forward helix, daith, tragus, snug, rook.) $35 each/ $65 pair/$95 trio. LARGE GAUGE EAR: (Any ear piercing 10g or larger.)

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Since we do not use ear-piercing guns, you have a wide range of jewelry ... TRAGUS: This attractive piercing is fairly common and is properly named after that ...

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Aug 13, 2016 ... Tragus and Anti-Tragus Piercing information about pain, costs, infections, healing time and ... Tragus Piercing Studs – Price: $14.99 via Etsy.

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Piercing Prices. Trilex. Septum. Conch. Navel Piercing. Horizontal Eyebrow. Nose. Snakebites. Eyebrow. Vertical Tragus. Madonna (or the Monroe). Surface.

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Aug 22, 2015 ... What is anti-tragus piercing? A new style of ear piercing flaunted by many youngsters these days, anti-tragus piercing is the perforation of the ...