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If the body will be air-shipped either from one state to another or from one country to another, ... Auto-Payments Don't Stop Just Because You're Dead ... The U.S. Transportation Security Administration requires that funeral homes that wish to ...

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Webmaster's note: This pamphlet was prepared by the Funeral and Memorial ... The charge for picking up a body, getting permits and the death certificate, ... embalming, and possibly a shipping container as well as transportation to the ...

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Nov 6, 2013 ... A guide about shipping a deceased person back to their own city, ... the issue of transporting a body is an added dilemma to making funeral ...

5 Awful Realities of Transporting Human Corpses for a Job


Jan 24, 2015 ... I transported dead bodies from point-of-death to the morgue for autopsies (and perhaps an inappropriate puppet show or two). Rich or poor ...

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... Shipper or a TSA approved Indirect Air Carrier to transport items on Southwest Cargo. ... Unembalmed remains must be placed inside two sealed body bags; or a ... This includes either a signed certificate of death, burial permit, and/or burial ...

Body Transportation After Death: Why Does It Cost So Much?


Sep 23, 2015 ... The costs of transporting a body after death can be steep. Most funeral homes charge a set amount to transport a body within a designated area ...

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when someone dies and they are a long way from home, how do they get the body home? i assume airplanes are used for great distances. do ...

Death and burial in different states, surely it is not a rarity ...


The state of death funeral home then coordinates with the state of burial funeral home and they transport the body at a pretty high cost per mile.

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There are a number of steps your firm should generally follow when arranging transportation for a body (either embalmed or cremated) whether across your ...

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However, before the body can be moved ... which the deceased made prior arrangements to ...

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The funeral home you are working with will be able to coordinate the transportation of ... In some states, you may be able to transport the body yourself. ... Jews and Muslims from being transported to another city, state, or country after death.

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What you need to know about moving a body after death. ... Transporting a body across state lines isn't an issue that has been highly litigated and ... Find out if only one funeral home and/or cemetery has to become involved in the process.

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At my wife's death, is there any reason I cannot transport her remains from California ... Answer: Be under the direction of a licensed funeral director, have body ...