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For Earth / Mars trips, this is every 26 months (2 years and 2 ... an approximately 9 month travel time from Earth to Mars, ...

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More fuel, shorter travel time. The History of Going to Mars The first spacecraft ever to make the journey from Earth to Mars was NASA's Mariner 4, which ...

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The precise duration of each journey depends on when it is taken. Because both Mars and Earth's orbits are not perfectly circular, the time it takes to travel ...

How long would a trip to Mars take?


The typical time during Mars's closest approach to the Earth every 1.6 years is ... by the time you reach the distance of Mar's orbit, that Mars is where you need it ...

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Feb 13, 2014 ... Mars is the fourth planet from the sun, and the second closest to Earth (Venus is the closest). But the distance between the two planets is ...

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Jun 2, 2015 ... NASA Administrator Charles Bolden said he'd like to slash the travel time required to send astronauts to Mars.

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May 8, 2013 ... ... how long it takes for spacecraft to travel from Earth to Mars? ... You can't just point your spacecraft at Mars and start firing your rockets.

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At conjunction, Mars is almost 250 million miles from Earth. Obviously, if you want to travel to Mars, it would be best to do so at the point of ... That is why rocket scientists time their unmanned missions to Mars to ... Knowing what you now know about Mars and how long a trip to the red planet might take, would you go if you .....

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According to NASA, a vessel with humans on it would take roughly six months to travel to Mars and another six months to travel back from Mars. In addition ...

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Q: Travel time from Earth to Mars?
A: Using the mathematics known as Calculus, you can calculate the travel times down to the split second. I don't know all of the math involved but it is very doabl... Read More »
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Q: What is the travel time to get from Earth to Mars.
A: About 9 months by conventional chemical rocket propulsion. Read More »
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Q: What is the travel time to get from Earth to mars in light years.
A: First, a lightyear is a distance, not a time. There are two (2) ways to read the question: 1) How long does it take light to travel to mars? 2) How many lightye... Read More »
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Q: How long would it take (in earth time) to travel from mars to ear...
A: About 260 days to get to Mars, with better technology as little as 130 days.! Read More »
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Q: Time taken by microwaves to travel from mars to earth?
A: a) Just divide the distance by the speed of light C(3 X 10^8). Your answer is 5.455x10^10 / 3 x 10^8 = 181.8 s. The answer to b is the same process. Read More »
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