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Facts of tropical rainforests: Rainforest is described as tall, hot and dense forest near the equator and is believed to be the oldest living ecosystems on Earth ...

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The tropical rainforest biome is an ecosystem that covers about 7% of the Earth's surface. They are found all over the world but the majority of the tropical ...



Tropical Rainforest Facts. Interesting information listed including facts about the animals that live and the plants that grow in this amazing biome.

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There are two types of rainforest, temperate and tropical. ... the same thing but there are some differences, read about them with our fun jungle facts for kids.

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INTERESTING FACTS ON RAINFORESTS ... The trees of a tropical rainforest are so densely packed that rain falling on the canopy can take as long as 10 ...

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Learn fascinating facts about the rainforest's trees, plants, people and more... ... 9 ) Veiled stinkhorn fungi, found in tropical rainforests, smell like rotting food!

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The tropical rain forest is a forest of tall trees in a region of year-round warmth. An average of 50 to 260 inches (125 to 660 cm.) of rain falls yearly. Rain forests ...

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Tropical rain forests primarily exist in South America, Africa and southeast Asia. The forests contain more than 15 million species of plants and animals that rely ...

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Free rainforest information for kids and teachers. Includes maps ... TROPICAL RAINFORESTS. kids.mongabay.com - helping children learn about the rainforest  ...

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"Tropical forests" encompass the idyllic rainforest, the remote cloud forest, and the lesser-known but equally endangered dry forest, pine savanna and much, ...

Tropical rainforest
Tropical rainforests occur in areas of tropical rainforest climate in which there is no dry season – all months have an average precipitation value of at least 60 ... More »