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Tropical Rainforest Plants List, Information, Pictures & Facts


Dec 3, 2015 ... Tropical rainforest plants list, with pictures, facts & information. Includes amazing flowers, trees, carnivorous plants, vines, crops, bamboo ...

Flowers in the Rainforest - The Virtual Rainforest by Gerald Urquhart ...


The beautiful flower on the right is a "Hot Lips" bush, a small shrub that lives under the rainforest canopy in the dark "understory." The bright red color attracts  ...

Types Of Tropical Flowers, Dictionary Of, Identifying, Names, Buy ...


grow flowers and where they grow best. This dictionary of flowers will show you my entire favorite tropical's even tropical rainforest flowers, Maui tropical flower, ...

Ten Amazing Rainforest Plants : Ecorazzi


Feb 8, 2012 ... Out of 40,000 plant species, here are 10 amazing rainforest plants that will blow ... South America, Africa, Southeast Asia and non-tropical regions like the ... getting as long as 30 inches, and flowers growing up to 14 feet long.

Rainforest Flowers | Photos & Info | Thinkjungle.com


Rainforest Flowers | Enjoy rainforest flowers like the Vanilla Orchid from ... Rafflesia grows in the understory and lives on the shaded floor of tropical forests.

Amazon Rainforest Flowers | Photos & Info | Thinkjungle.com


Amazon Rainforest Flowers | There are many attractive flowers in the Amazon Rainforest from the popular orchids to intense Passion Flowers & Hot Lips.

List of Flowers Found in the Tropical Rainforest | eHow


Flowers that are found in the tropical rainforests of the world are adapted to moist, humid climates with temperatures usually above 65 degrees Fahrenheit.

Tropical Rainforest Flowers - Rainforest Facts


Here is some information on tropical rainforest flowers.

Flowers in the Amazon Rainforest | USA Today


Orchids are one common Amazon Rainforest flower. ... Though orchids grow most commonly in ground soil outside of tropical environments, in the Amazon ...

The Plants of the Rainforest


More than two thirds of the world's plant species are found in the tropical rainforests: plants that provide shelter and food for rainforest animals as well as ... variation rare in more temperate climates: some like the orchids have beautiful flowers ...