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The boy, born circa 1935, was the alleged victim of demonic possession, and the ... In his 1993 book Possessed: The True Story of an Exorcism, author Thomas ...

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There's something more than just odd about these black-eyed people. They say there's a feeling of darkness, demonic... not human. Oh, and never let them in your house if they come knocking. More »

True Story of Being Possessed by Three Demons


A teenage girl's interest in the occult draws her into a dark vortex of evil and possession.

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Q: Spiritually speaking, Do you know any personal "true" stories of ...
A: I can bear witness to two different cased of possesion. I was present when they were cast out. It's personal stuff to the people involved so I won't post them h... Read More »
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Q: Please name some horror movies that are based on true stories,or ...
A: The exorcist is about possession. Amityville horror is based on a true story and it's one of my favorites ! Source(s) I love scary Movies ! Read More »
Source: answers.yahoo.com
Q: What is the scariest true demonic possession story?
A: The scariest true demonic possession story is the one of Legion Read More »
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Q: What is story of Demon Possessed ?
A: A group of snowmobilers become trapped on a lake, and hole up in an abandoned camp. What they don't... Read More »
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Q: What is story of Possessed by Demons ?
A: This is a personal account of a congregation's medieval and masculine response to a lesbian in their midst. Their brutal quest to cast out her male demons harde... Read More »
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