The Climate in the Tundra
The tundra is known as the "land of the midnight sun" during the summertime, when the sun shines nearly 24 hours a day for six to 10 weeks. You can observe this transitional biome before reaching the ice caps of the North Pole. Learning more about this... More »
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Map of arctic and antarctic tundra shown in light blue-green ... Due to the harsh climate of Arctic tundra, regions of this kind have seen little human activity, even ...

Tundra Climate - Blue Planet Biomes

Tundra Climate (E). The tundra is a bleak and treeless place. It is cold through all months of the year Summer is a brief period of milder climates when the sun ...

Tundra climate

TUNDRA. Welcome to the Tundra's climate page. Here you can find information on the climate of the Tundra. Tundra landscape. The winter temperatures ...

Tundra -- National Geographic

Tundra ecosystems are treeless regions found in the Arctic and on the tops of mountains, where the climate is cold and windy and rainfall is scant. Tundra lands ...

Tundra Climate

The tundra is the coldest biome in the world. The temperature rarely gets above - 18 degrees F (-8 degrees C). In June it can sometimes reach a balmy 50 ...

Tundra - Climate Types for Kids - Sites - Google

This site is designed for middle school and high school students. The site explains the 12 climate types found on Earth. It discusses the causes of climate and ...

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The tundra climate region occurs between 60° and 75° of latitude, mostly along the Arctic coast of North America and Eurasia and on the coastal margins of ...

The tundra biome - University of California Museum of Paleontology

Tundra comes from the Finnish word tunturi, meaning treeless plain. ... Extremely cold climate; Low biotic diversity; Simple vegetation structure; Limitation of ...

BBC - GCSE Bitesize: Characteristics and climate

A secondary school revision resource for GCSE Geography on tundra, including characteristics, formation, and how vegetation has adapted.

Popular Q&A
Q: What is tundra climate?
A: a wet climate Read More »
Q: What affects the tundras climate?
A: where it is in the world, it has straight sun light for a few months and then total darkness for a few months. It's called land of the midnight sun. Read More »
Q: What is tundra climate?
A: ( ′tən·drə ′klī·mət ) (climatology) The climate which produces tundra vegetation; it is too cold for the growth of trees but does not have a permanent snow-ice ... Read More »
Q: What is a tundra climate
A: The tundra climate is a transitional climate between the Subarctic ... ...MORE... Read More »
Q: What is tundras climate?
A: Tundra:Treeless, level or rolling ground above the taiga in polar regions (Arctic tundra) or Read More »