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Beetles are a group of insects that form the order Coleoptera, in the superorder Endopterygota. Their front pair of wings is hardened into wing-cases, elytra, distinguishing them from most other ins...

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Listing of Beetle insects found in North America. ... America and upwards of 350,000 species worldwide - making them the largest order of the animal kingdom.

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Beetles are the largest insect order; over 350,000 species of beetles have been documented. This means that about a third of all known animal species are ...

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Learn all about beetles, facts about beetles and different types of beetles. There are 12000 different kinds of beetles in the United States and over 300000 ...

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With more than 300,000 types of beetles already named by taxonomists, it's nearly impossible to list all of the species in the world. And with untold beetle types ...

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How to Identify Beetles. With more than four hundred thousand different species, beetles make up forty percent of all insect species and account for twenty-five ...

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Beetles represent the largest insect group with around 4,000 species in Britain and 300,000 worldwide. They are easy to recognise as their front wings are hard,  ...

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Feb 16, 2004 ... The largest order in the animal kingdom, with close to 390,000 described species in almost 30,000 genera of 176 families worldwide(6), ...

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Conoderus lividus; Click Beetle species, Lathrobiina Rove Beetle species, Trirhabda Skeletonizing Leaf Beetle species, Rhagonycha fulva; Common Red ...

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Beetles belong to the insect order Coleoptera. This is the largest order of insects. There are more than a quarter million species of beetles in the world. In North ...