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Black bread mold


Species: R. stolonifer. Binomial name. Rhizopus stolonifer (Ehrenb.: Fr.) Vuill. Synonyms. Ascophora mucedo. Mucor ascophorus. Mucor mucedo. Mucor stolonifer. Rhizopus nigricans. Rhizopus stolonifer...

Different Kinds of Bread Mold | eHow


Different Kinds of Bread Mold. Of the tens of thousands of fungal species, bread mold is the most common. Bread molds are microscopic fungi that take food and  ...

Mold on Bread - Mold Bacteria Facts


Although mold can grow on many types of foods, mold on bread is common because bread provides a very desirable source of nutrients for mold.

Common Molds | Different Types of Mold - Tri State Restorations


Learn more about the different common types of mold... ... Monilia: a soil-borne organism that frequently grows on bread and pastries. Extracts of Monilia ...

Mold Bread Experiment - What Makes Mold Grow? - Explorable.com


We are going to perform a mold bread experiment to grow our own mold and find out ... For each of the bread types, A, B or C average the amount of mold grown ...

Study of growth of mold (Students' Presentation)

resources.edb.gov.hk/gifted/tr/200707-05034-S1S2/Lesson 8-10-microbes/students' presentation.pdf

Type of bread used plain bread. Method of sampling. Any moisture added? Water . Ventilation. With the zip bag opened a quarter. Place we collected the sample.

Comparing the Rate of Mold Growth on Different Breads


Which type of bread grows mold the slowest? Standards addressed: Grade 8: 5. Chemical reactions are processes in which atoms are rearranged into different ...

Bread mold fungus, Rhizopus stolonifer - Backyard Nature


GENUS: Rhizopus SPECIES: stolonifer. Bread mold fungus, Rhizopus stolonifer The picture at the right, believe it or not, shows one of the most common fungi in ...

Which Bread Molds the Fastest? Experiment | Education.com


Sep 26, 2013 ... Which bread molds fastest? Explore the different kinds of breads and how quickly they mold, along with the role of preservatives.

Which type of bread molds the fastest? - Ask.com


Bread with high moisture content grows mold the fastest. Thus, dark bread like rye, bran, oat and Boston loaves develop mold much faster than dense and dry ...

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MadSci FAQ: Bread molds and other moldy foodstuffs


MadSciNet: Everything you ever wanted to know about bread mold. ... Do different types of molds grow on different types of breads? Effects of preservatives on ...

Bread Bag Nightmares - What causes the different colors you see?


Many of the colors you see on the moldy bread are due to the spores the fungi have ... Molds reproduce by making spores at the end of stalks that rises above the surface of the bread, giving molds a fuzzy appearance. ... Types of Microbes.

Food Molds, What are food molds? Are Molds Dangerous?


As the bread rots, the mold grows. There are thousands of different kinds of molds. One mold that grows on lemons looks like a blue-green powder. A mold that ...