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A cactus is a member of the plant family Cactaceae, a family comprising about 127 genera with some 1750 known species of the order Caryophyllales. The word ...

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Cacti, agave, aloe, succulents, echeveria, yucca, kalanchoe, aeonium, and many ... succulent plants mixed in pot containers, a wide variety of types and colors.

Types of Cactus
The cactus is a leafless plant commonly found in desert regions in North and South America. Because of their ability to conserve water, cacti thrive in hot, dry environments. In addition to spines protecting them from the elements, cacti also have... More »
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Assorted cacti and succulents by the tray are the wholesale customer's best value . Assorted products are shipped in their shuttle trays ready for display.

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This is a list of edible plants in the family Cactaceae. Acanthocereus tetragonus, the sword pear,; Carnegiea gigantea, the Saguaro,; Cereus repandus ...

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The popular and not so common forest and desert cacti plant types available. ... Cactus house plants are available in all sorts of weird and wonderful shapes, ...

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In the Desert has photographs and information on most of the cactus that you'll find in ... There is a little secret to photographing this type of cactus in the desert.

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Cactus, as a plant family, show variations between the individual species. ... Cactus owe their success in the desert to their structural adaptations. ... longer available in the summer, many desert shrubs drop their leaves and become dormant.

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Cacti of Arizona - descriptions and photographs of the most common species, including carnegia, coryphantha, cylindropuntia, ... Many headed barrel

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Q: Which cactus species are poisonous? - Quora
A: Are all the fruits of cacti edible ... There are a few species of barrel cacti that can poison. See http://www.desertmuseum.org/book... for the scoop. Barrel c... Read More »
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Q: Types of Arizona Cactus (with Pictures) | eHow
A: Types of Arizona Cactus. Known for its arid landscape, Arizona occupies 113998 square miles of desert in the southwestern United States. From cold ... Read More »
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Q: Different Types of Flowering Cactus | eHow
A: Different Types of Flowering Cactus. The cactus is a succulent plant that stores water so that it can live in exceedingly dry conditions. Besides growing in ... Read More »
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Q: What Kinds of Cactus Are Edible? | eHow
A: Its prickly thorns ward off potential predators, including humans, but some species of cactus can actually be consumed. They produce food in both the fruit an... Read More »
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Q: Types of Cactus | eHow
A: Types of Cactus. The cactus is a leafless plant commonly found in desert regions in North and South America. Because of their ability to conserve water, cacti ... Read More »
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