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Types of Cedar Trees
Though people call many different conifers "cedars," only members of the genus Cedrus are truly cedar trees. Native species grow all over the world. Cedars are among the sturdiest and most forgiving of trees, able to survive in all kinds of weathers, in... More »
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Cedar is the common name for cedar wood, used for several different trees that grow in ... Toona ciliata (synonym: T. australis); Ceylon cedar or Melia azedarach, a species of deciduous tree native ...

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Talking about cedars and arborvitae is somewhat confusing because many of the trees we call "cedar" are actually junipers, arborvitae or some other species ...

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Identifying a cedar tree can be a little tricky: there are many different types of cedar trees. However, they do have similar characteristics running through each  ...

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You will also find wonderful facts on cedar trees, info about the cedar tree species, planting information, and cedar tree identification . This valuable and useful ...

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Jun 18, 2016 ... If tree foliage is a scale-like leaf, then you're probably dealing with a ... These Cedrus species - Cedar of Lebanon, Deodar cedar and Atlas ...

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The cedar or cypress family occurs nearly world-wide and include 15 genera and about 140 species. There are some oddballs in the cedar family. The family ...

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Cedar Tree Picture category contains many photos of cedar trees, info on cedar tree types, we have many beautiful cedar tree images.

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List of Cedar Trees, Cedrus Genus - All known species and taxa, organized by scientific Latin botanical name.

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The term "cedar" is used to describe evergreen trees and shrubs from several different genera, including true cedar (Cedrus spp.), thuja (Thuja spp.)