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This is a list of common fish names. While some common names refer to a single species or family, others have been used for a confusing variety of types; the ...

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Get started fishing and boating today. How to fish, fishing resources, how to videos, get started boating, explore fish species.

Class Actinopterygii
Actinopterygians, or ‘ray-finned fishes,’ are the largest and most successful group of fishes and make up half of all living vertebrates. More >>
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Which types of fishing trips do you like best? Get freshwater & saltwater fishing tips, read about new fishing techniques, how to catch more fish.

Ohio River Fish List - Falls of the Ohio State Park


Mar 26, 2010 ... t = type species described from the Ohio River ... Any sharp photos of fish on the list that we do not already have are welcome for consideration.

What types of fish are there?

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There are just two types of fish, but here's the catch there's some big words coming that I can't really avoid, even one of the two simpler english words is a little ...

how do I set up my aquarium for multiple fish? - PetSmart


Still, they get along best with each other (and fish of other species) if they're all ... Goldfish are laid-back, easygoing and hardy; they can live up to 20 years.

Keeping other fish with goldfish – The Goldfish Tank


Jun 8, 2013 ... Keeping the wrong types of fish with goldfish is one of the most common ... Also, Minnows and Danios are schooling fish that live in groups, so you ... cycling it with good bacteria. its been two days can i just put my goldfish in ...

Community fish, what fish can you keep together in your aquarium


a guide for helping you decide what tropical fish may be kept together to form ... try to explain what a "community aquarium" is, the type of fish we can keep in it ... fish and plant specimens, that can thrive and get along well with each other, ... This is just my opinion and you will find many that do advocate there use in ...

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A: Ten-gallon aquariums are too small for many fish. While a 2-inch-long goldfish may be fine in such a tank for a brief time, he will eventually reach 10 inches ... Read More »
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A: No. Many fish lack teeth. Some also lack a stomach. "Fish" is a huge group and its got a lot of variability. Read More »
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A: Ahhh there are so many fantastic characters, lets discuss… Nemo, marlin, and coral are all percula clownfish. Dory is a blue tang fish. Bruce is a ... Read More »
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