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What is the difference between active hub and passive hub?


Since the market for hubs was quite large, a few different types of hubs were introduced to cover different market needs and give the buyer a wider range of ...

What is Hub - What is Computer Hub - WiFi Notes


Learn what is computer hub: how network hub works and what are types of hubs.

All about Hubs - Network Magazine India


A hub is a hardware device that acts as a central connecting point and joins lines in ... There are many different types of hubs, each offering specific features that ...

What is Network Hub - How Network Hub Works - Uses - Types


Information on network hubs, What is hub and how hub works and operations of hubs, comparison of hubs and switches, kinds and types of hubs, difference ...

Network devices Hub Switch Router - Complete Computer ...


A Multistation Access Unit (MAU) is a special type of hub used for token ring networks. The word "hub" is used most often in relation to Ethernet networks, and  ...

What is a Network Hub? Webopedia Definition


A common connection point for devices in a network. Hubs serve as a central connection for all network equipment and handles a data type known as frames.

Types of Network Switches or Hubs | eHow


Types of Network Switches or Hubs. A network switch or hub is used to connect segments of a network. While network switches and hubs essentially perform the  ...

Distinct types of hubs in human dynamic networks


Hubs are highly connected nodes within the network. This paper describe hubs in time-dependent netwowrks and two distinct types of hubs: party and date hubs  ...

What is Hub (Networking)? - Definition from Techopedia


Common types of hubs used in networking are network hubs, passive hubs, intelligent and switching hubs. Network Hubs: These are common connection points ...

Network equipment - The hub - Ccm.net


Types of hubs. There are several categories of hubs: "Active" hubs: They are connected to an electrical power source and are used to refresh the signal being  ...

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What is a Hub - Ethernet and Network Hubs Explained


An Ethernet hub is a basic type of wired network device that allows multiple connected computers to communicate via broadcast communication.

Distinct Types of Hubs in Human Dynamic Networks - The Computer ...


Apr 1, 2008 ... Among various social contexts, we examine hubs in dynamic hu- ... two distinct types of hubs: party and date hubs from real world connectivity ...

Computer Network Devices - Hub, Switch, Router, Bridges, Network ...


Certiology's Computer Network Devices tutorial explains Hub, Switch, Router, Modem, ... There are mainly three types in which bridges can be characterized:.