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Pulmonology is a medical speciality that deals with diseases involving the respiratory tract. ... asbestos, exhaust fumes, coal mining fumes); exposure to infectious agents (certain types of birds, ...

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An ology is a discipline of study, as indicated by having the -ology suffix. ... Introduction to Science · 8 Types of Biology-Based Science Fair Projects for Your Kid ...

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List words containing ologists. ... List all words that contain ologists. 201 words found. algologists · anesthesiologists · angelologists · anthologists

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List words ending with ologist. ... List all words ending with ologist, sorted by length or by how common the words are. New Search. Some random words: ...



-ology, a suffix derived from the Greek logos, meaning the 'study of', 'specialty in' or 'art of' ..... Typology, Types, especially Biblical. Typtology, Spirit rappings. U.

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Informally, an ology is a field of study or academic discipline ending in the suffix ... λογοσ, word, and denotes not a field of study but a type of speech or writing.

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Aug 11, 2014 ... Words ending in -ology that are not fields of study, and thus not ... or a type of register (linguistics)|register that reflects the form of language ...

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American Museum of Natural History's Ology is a playground for children interested in science with games, crafts and experiments on dinosaurs, marine biology, ...

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Check out our Ology Words Words and Phrases in Other, created by Other language learners just like you!

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Feb 15, 2015 ... There's an -ologist for every subject worth studying. Now let's study -ologists!

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Ology comes from the greek logos, meaning the "study of" something. There are an incredible amount of different branches of science, thus there are a lot of ...

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Definitions of words meaning sciences: ology words. ... typology, study of types of things. ufology, study of alien spacecraft. uranography, descriptive astronomy ...