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A wasp is any insect of the order Hymenoptera and suborder Apocrita that is neither a bee nor .... Many wasp species are parasitoids; the females deposit eggs on or in a host arthropod on which the ...

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Wasps are a great source of organic pest control on gardens, farms, and crops. The're are commonly two types of wasps, solitary wasps and social wasps.

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Stinging insects such as various types of wasps, yellowjackets, hornets and bees, are common summertime pests and their stings can be more than just a ...

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There may be hundreds of types of wasps, hornets and bees found around the world. Only a few of these species are seen as real pests here in the U.S. and ...

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Learn about the different types and species of Wasps, Hornets, and similar insects. Get the facts and information on what sets these different insects apart.

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How to Identify Wasps. The wasp family of insects includes thousands of species all around the world, most of which are predatory. The most common types of ...

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Bees, wasps and ants are all part of an insect order called Hymenoptera. It is a huge group with many species and a diverse range of forms. The name ...

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Most social wasps rear their young on a diet of live insects. Several types of social wasps are important in controlling insect pests such as caterpillars.

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Habits of Bees & Wasps. • Bees. – Social bees. • Perennial colony (honey bee). • Annual colony (bumble bee). – Solitary bees (leafcutter bees, digger bees).

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Most social wasps belong to the family Vespidae (sometimes referred to as vespid wasps). There are three types of social wasps in the upper Midwest.

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Bees, Ants and Wasps are well-represented in their Hymenoptera order as some 18,000 species are recognized in North America alone with a further 115,000 ...

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Learn about different types of stinging insects, including hornets, bees, wasps, yellow jackets, and scorpions. Learn to identify these pests, and compare the ...

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Wasps make up an enormously diverse array of insects, with some 30,000 identified species. We are most familiar with those that are wrapped in bright warning ...