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The henry (symbol H) is the unit of electrical inductance in the International System of Units. The unit is named after Joseph Henry (1797–1878), the American ...

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The henry (symbolized H) is the Standard International ( SI ) unit of inductance . Reduced to base SI units, one henry is the equivalent of one kilogram meter ...

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Measurement units, Inductance Converter, Inductance Converter, Abhenries(abH ), Gigahenries(GH), henries(H), Kilohenries(kH), Megahenries(MH), ...

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Electrical & electronic units of electric current, voltage, power, resistance, capacitance, inductance, electric charge, electric field, magnetic flux, frequency.

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Unit of either self-inductance or mutual inductance, abbreviated h (or hy), and named for the American physicist Joseph Henry. One henry is the value of ...

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A henry (H) is the SI derived unit of inductance. Henry is defined as the inductance of a circuit, in which changing of current with the rate of one ampere per ...

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Noun, 1. inductance unit - a measure of the property of an electric circuit by which an electromotive force is induced in it. electromagnetic unit, emu - any of ...

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The Henry is the unit of inductance. Reduced to base SI units one henry is the equivalent of one kilogram meter squared per second squared per ampere ...

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How to use Inductance Converter Select the unit to convert from in the input units list. Select the unit to convert to in the output units list. Enter the value to convert ...

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Inductance is measured in units called henrys. The definition of one henry is simple: One henry is the amount of inductance necessary to induce one volt when ...

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Q: What is a unit of inductance called?
A: The henry is a large unit of inductance and is used with relatively large Read More »
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Q: What is the unit of inductance?
A: The unit of inductance is the henry (H), named after American scientist and magnetic researcher Joseph Henry. 1 H = 1 Wb/A. Read More »
Source: www.kgbanswers.com
Q: What is the unit of inductance?
A: none of the above the unit of inductance is "Henry" or "H" named after its discoverer James Henry " im not sure if the 1st name is right" Read More »
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Q: What is the SI unit of inductance?
A: henry Read More »
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Q: What is an inductor? What are the units of inductance?
A: Electrical device that introduces inductance into a circuit. Read More »
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