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phosphorescent in a sentence
Common pigments used in phosphorescent materials include zinc sulfide and strontium aluminate.
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They have soft bodies and long, stinging, venomous tentacles that they use to catch their prey ... Some jellyfish glow in the dark (this is called phosphorescence ).


How to use phosphorescence in a sentence. Example sentences with the word phosphorescence. phosphorescence example sentences.


How to use phosphorescent in a sentence. Example sentences with the word phosphorescent. phosphorescent example sentences.


phosphorescence definition: Phosphorescence is light emitted after exposure to radiation, or produced by something that ... Use phosphorescence in a sentence.


Phosphorescent definition, exhibiting phosphorescence. See more. ... Explanation of Terms Used in Entomology John. B. Smith. A light flapped over the scene, ...


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Phosphorescence definition: Phosphorescence is a glow or soft light which is produced in the dark without ... Example sentences containing 'phosphorescence '.


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Anything phosphorescent emits light but not much heat. Phosphorescent things glow in the dark.