edit]. For thousands of years, the striking visual appearance of breccias has made them a popular sculptural and architectural ...

Breccia - Geology - rocks and minerals

Breccia is a rock formed from angular gravel and boulder-sized clasts ... Uses - as dimension stone for decoration of walls and floors; if hard can be used as ...

Breccia: Sedimentary Rock - Pictures, Definition, Formation

Geologists have been very generous in their use of the word "breccia." It is common to hear the term used when referring to a rock or rock debris made up of  ...

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Breccias are a relatively common clastic sedimentary rock. ... used by people for centuries for many ornamental uses and some breccias are even considered to ...

How is breccia formed? |

Because of the variety of mineral compositions, the color and general appearance of breccias vary widely. There are few human uses for breccias, although the ...

What is breccia used for - Answers

What are the uses for breccia? Breccia is a type of rock which is composed of broken fragments of minerals. It is commonly used as an aggregate and as ...

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Lithified sedimentary rock consisting of angular or subangular fragments larger than 2 millimetres (0.08 inch). It differs from a conglomerate, which consists of ...

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Breccia is one of the major types of sedimentary rocks. ... Breccia. Pictures of Sedimentary Rock Types. Use to navigate. Not a type but a process - Photo (c) ...

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Jul 9, 2005 ... DESCRIPTION: Breccia is the name widely applied to a diverse group of ... USES : Beads; cabochons for various pieces of jewelry, particularly ...

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Breccia definition, rock composed of angular fragments of older rocks melded together. ... Learn the correct uses of these two commonly confused homophones .

Popular Q&A
Q: What is breccia used for?
A: A decorative stone used in countertops, building facades, and walkways. Read More »
Q: How is Breccia used?
A: How is breccia used? Read More »
Q: What are breccia, sandstone, and dolomite used for?
A: dolomite, we use it on the farm. We spared it in the soil and disk it in, it"s a mineral { calcium magnesium carbonate} it makes the sugar cane weight per acer ... Read More »
Q: What are the Uses of Breccia?
A: The rock, breccia, has very few uses. However, the word "breccia" is used as a trade name for a group of dimension stone products with a broken, angular pattern... Read More »
Q: What characteristic can you use to distinguish a conglomerate fro...
A: A conglomerate (play /k????l?m?r?t/) is ... Read More »