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How to Use a Clamp-on Ammeter
Testing electrical alternating current (AC) circuits with a clamp on ammeter is an efficient way for troubleshooting load problems. You will need to know the current draw of the device you are testing so you can interpret the reading. Most electrical... More »
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In electrical and electronic engineering, a current clamp or current probe is an electrical device ... An electrical meter with integral AC current clamp is known as a clamp meter, clamp-on ammeter or tong tester. A clamp meter measures the ...

Feb 3, 2011 ... Using a clamp-on ammeter to determine current flow in an extension cord. Visit www.NoShockZone.org for more articles about electrical safety.


Clamp meters measure any of these: AC current, AC and DC voltage, resistance, continuity, and, with some models, DC current, capacitance, temperature, ...


To correct the problem, connect the AC line separator to the power source and attach the electrical conductor to the AC line separator. Clamp the meter to the AC ...


It will give you an understanding of how to use these instruments in different applications such as load current (AC current and DC current) and leakage current ...


The diagram above identifies basic functions found on Fluke's best-selling clamp meter, the Fluke 376 True-RMS AC/DC Clamp Meter with iFlex:.


meter (DMM), but with the added feature of a current transformer built into the product. The transformer action. The ability of clamp meters to measure large ac ...


HI guys, Can I use my AC Clamp ampere meter to measure DC current? or do I have to buy a DC clamp meter or AC/DC clamp meter. I try to ...


When measuring Current with a clamp meter the jaw goes around only 1 conductor ... For instance; Legends usually show “A ~“ or “AAC” for AC Amps, Some will ...