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The best way to wash spilled gasoline out of clothes is by a multi-step process involving odor removal with baking soda, pretreating with both liquid dish ...

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Apr 19, 2013 ... As you have found out, just washing gasoline-soaked clothing — especially heavy jeans or work shirts — does not get the clothing completely ...

How To Remove A Gas Stain And Smells From Clothes


A friend got gasoline on her clothes and washed them normally. The smell is gone, but the spots remain. Any tips on post washing gasoline stain removal?

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It will be easier to wash out if you can lessen the intensity of the odour. ... Once the gasoline smell is gone from the clothing, check the inside of the washer for ...

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Aug 23, 2016 ... Then, run the towels through a wash cycle using the detergent you ... Coca cola is a good item to use to get gasoline smell out of clothes as well ...

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A splash of gasoline can do more than just stain your clothing. ... Gasoline pouring out of nozzle - Jody Dole / Stone / Getty Images ... add a little orange cleaner to the wash load to help break down the traces of gasoline and get rid of the smell.

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Jan 26, 2012 ... In order to get gasoline out of clothing, put some baking soda in a ... on vinyl siding because it isn't washed enough, but cleaning mildew off ...

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An explosion or fire can result from washing gasoline or oil-soaked items in your . .. ... you'll have to clean the washer so your next load of clothing doesn't reek.

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If you have someone in your household that works on cars, or if you work on cars, you may need to know how to wash spilled gasoline out of your clothes.

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It could take more than one wash to get all the oil out of your clothing. .... please tell me if the coke worked to get rid of the gasoline smell -- i feel the same way ...