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While easily confused at a distance or without close observation, there are many different characteristics of common large bees and wasps which can be used to identify them.

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Social and Solitary Wasp Guide. Wasp species guide on hornets, yellow jackets, paper wasps, mud daubers, potter and pollen wasps. Size, habitat, and ...

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How to identify and get rid of carpenter bees, honey bees, killer bees, wasps and other stinging insects on your property, to reduce the risk of getting stung.

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The Invasive European Paper Wasp is often mistaken for a Yellow ... Wasp is more aggressive than our native species of wasps.

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Wasps make up an enormously diverse array of insects, with some 30,000 identified species. We are most familiar with those that are wrapped in bright warning ...

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AceBees provides effective, reliable honeybee removal services. New patent- pending method to remove bees without opening the structure of the building.

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There may be hundreds of types of wasps, hornets and bees found around the world. Only a few of these species are seen as real pests here in the U.S. and ...

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Select the insect that most closely resembles the bee or wasp you have found. This set only covers the major pests you may have something else. In that case ...

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There are many species of bees and wasps in Massachusetts, and they come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. Some are social, and others are ...

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Bee and Wasp identification for the most prevalent beeand wasp species. In a matter of days, multiple hives and nests can infest your property. Including the ...

Wasp Bites and Stings
Wasps can sting more than once because they are able to pull out their stinger without injuring themselves. In people with allergies, a wasp sting may trigger a potentially deadly anaphylactic reaction.... More »
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Bees, Ants and Wasps are well-represented in their Hymenoptera order as some 18,000 species are recognized in North America alone with a further 115,000 ...

Stinging Insects: Hornets, Bees, Wasps & Yellow Jacket Identification


Learn about different types of stinging insects, including hornets, bees, wasps, yellow jackets, and scorpions. Learn to identify these pests, and compare the ...

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How to Identify Wasps. The wasp family of insects includes thousands of species all around the world, most of which are predatory. The most common types of ...