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Apr 6, 2016 ... Do a water filtration experiment to learn about pollution and how to clean the dirty water supplies around the world. Plus some great book ...

Mar 9, 2012 ... Construct your own sand water filter and learn about water filtration systems with this easy science project.


Now it's time to experiment. Think of a question you want answered. Like, are there better materials for cleaning water? Be sure to predict what you think is going ...


Watch a sand water filter science project video and learn about water purification. ... Buy Water Treatment Experiment Kit · testing for starch kit ...


Water Filtration. Grade Level: 4th through 8th. Background Water in lakes, rivers and swamps often contains impurities that make it look and smell bad.


Below, you'll find some helpful links to water pollution and filtration science experiments for use in the classroom or at home. We hope these resources help you ...


This lesson will introduce students to the concepts of water pollution and access to clean water through class discussion and a water filtration experiment.


Purpose: The purpose of this weeks experiment will be to see if it is possible to filter salt water, to make drinkable water, using filters created from objects around  ...


Jul 12, 2013 ... Fun Filtering experiment for kids, can you get better results than us? We tried filtering the water using 3 different sizes of stone, pouring the ...


In this activity, students are challenged to design and build a water filtration ... Note: Water filtered in this experiment SHOULD NOT be consumed by humans.