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Ways to Stop Yawning
Yawning can be the result of sleep deprivation, fatigue or a nerve reaction. Knowing the cause is critical in knowing which ways will help you stop yawning. Unexplained or excessive yawning can be due to a serious health condition, so you need to seek... More »
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How to Stop a Yawn: 8 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow


How to Stop a Yawn. Scientists are not entirely sure why we yawn, although it does tend to happen when we're tired or stressed. There are ways to suppress a  ...

Excessive Yawning and What You Can Do About It - Healthline


Aug 15, 2012 ... Yawning is a mostly involuntary process and is usually triggered by ... sleep disorders such as sleep apnea (when you stop breathing for short ...

Excessive Yawning | How to Stop Yawning a Lot - Breathing


The central cause of excessive yawning or yawning a lot is low CO2 (carbon dioxide) and oxygen levels in brain cells. Most modern people constantly have low ...

How do I stop yawning all the time? - allthefreakintime resolved ...


Yawning is your body's way of getting more oxygen into your lungs. For some reason, you're a shallow breather. All you need to do is breathe more ...

Why Do I Yawn When I'm Not Tired? | Tips to Prevent Yawning


Jan 25, 2012 ... Yawning an an inopportune moment can be embarrassing. Here's a look at why we yawn, and how you might avoid it.

Yawning Caused by Anxiety - Calm Clinic


Jun 11, 2010 ... You'll also find out how yawning can actually increase your anxiety. ... So the key to yawning less is not to stop the yawning, but rather to fight ...

How to Stop Yourself from Yawning - Buzzle


Mar 23, 2011 ... The following article lists down all the possible causes, along with some useful tips that can help you stop yawning. Tagged Under: Yawning.

How to Get Rid of Yawning - Health Guidance


You do not have to go to sleep. Even if you just close your eyes and take deep breaths, you will automatically start feeling better and will definitely stop yawning.

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Q: What's the best way to stop yawning?
A: whenever you feel a yawn coming, take a deep breath through your nose with your mouth closed. Read More »
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Q: Is there a way to stop yawning?
A: You will find also it is infectious - not literally of course! So don't hang out with other yawners. Psychologists say this - can't remember what its called but... Read More »
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Q: Is there any way to stop yawning without sleep?
A: Some people say that licking your lips whenever you feel a yawn coming... Read More »
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Q: Is there any way i can stop yawning?
A: Yes and this may sound stupid but simple to ask, But are you getting enough sleep as your body is compromised with a slight infection making your throat raw and... Read More »
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Q: How to Stop Yawning.
A: Your yawning habit may be attributed to fatigue or a lack of energy. Yawning makes you look like you are bored or disinterested in what you are doing. No one wa... Read More »
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