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The National Science Foundation (NSF) is a United States government agency that supports ... from the scientific and policy communities since its inception in 1997. ... The NSF was established by the National Science Foundation Act of 1950. .... One of the first six grants went to Stanford University, where two graduate ...


... for evaluating proposals at its meeting on March 28, 1997 (NSB 97-72). All NSF proposals are evaluated through use of the two merit review criteria. ... also might be subject to special review criteria outlined in the program solicitation. ... A request for a proposal file update after an established target or deadline date will  ...


Their judgments of the extent to which proposals address established criteria are ... NSF programs obtain external peer review by two principal methods, mail and panel. .... to present their report to the Deputy Director by the Summer of 1997.


The National Science Foundation requests $3.3 billion for FY 1997 to invest in almost 20,000 ... that is as appropriate today as it was when the Foundation was created in 1950. .... In FY 1997, this program will almost double, to total $73 million.


Their judgements of the extent to which proposals address established criteria ... NSF programs obtain external peer review by two principal methods, mail and panel. ..... The history of SGER awards by directorate from FY 1997 to FY 1999 is  ...


Present accomplishments have been built on the past, developed step by step since 1674, .... Intended to be permanent but curtailed to a single winter and two summers because of World War II, ..... U.S. Antarctic Program funding, 1955-1997 .


Appendix 2: Linking the Strategic Plan to the Annual Performance Plans ..... In 1997, the major research goal will be to begin cloning some of the genes identified the ..... To meet this need, NSF has developed a competency based program ...


NSF support provided under the other key program functions is essential for ..... In FY 1997, two Urban LTERs were established in human-dominated, urban ...


Aug 25, 2010 ... 2 See, for example, the NSF document Sensational Sixty, a list of 60 NSF-funded inventions, innovations, and discoveries ... Some of these programs (described below in the “Established ... his 1997 book, Pasteur's Quadrant.


National Science Foundation's Program for Gender Equity (PGE) has ..... Networks of women scientists, mathematicians, and engineers formed to serve as ... NSF's PGE activities in FY 1997 alone averaged one or two press items per week,.