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A leaf is an organ of a vascular plant and is the principal lateral appendage of the stem. .... Correspondingly, leaves represent heavy investment on the part of the plants bearing them, and their ....

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Dec 28, 2014 ... Most leaves have two main parts: (1) the blade and (2) the petiole, or leafstalk. The leaves of some kinds of plants also have a third part, called ...



blade click to hear. Main part of the leaf, rich in chlorophyll; it can vary markedly in shape, depending on the type of rib and size of indentation.

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Leaf blade – Flattened part of the leaf; Petiole – Leaf stalk; Stipules ... Net-veined or reticulate-veined – Leaves with veins that branch from the main rib and then ...

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<sup>3</sup> If you were to cut through a leaf and look at the edge under a microscope, you would see different structures. Leaves have three main parts. They are the ...

The Parts of a Leaf Most leaves have two main parts: (1) the blade ...


The Parts of a Leaf Most leaves have two main parts: (1) the blade and (2) the petiole, or leafstalk. The leaves of some kinds of plants also have a third part, ...

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These are the basic parts of a leaf: Petiole This is the stalk which may attach the ... one 'seed' leaf and the 'true' leaves differ in appearance in two main ways.

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Apr 23, 2015 ... There is awesome variety in leaf structure and some may have all or few of the following parts. The main flat area is called the blade or lamina.

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Inside the leaf. You should be able to name and locate these parts of a leaf: Cuticle; Upper and lower epidermis; Palisade and spongy mesophyll layers ...

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THE LEAF: FUNCTIONS. What is a leaf? A leaf is a vegetative part of the plant. It generally has a flat form and a thin surface. The leaf is one of the most important  ...

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compound leaf - a leaf that is divided into many separate parts (leaflets) along a midrib (the rachis). ... stem - (also called the axis) the main support of the plant.

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There are always three parts of a leaf to look for. The most obvious would be the blade, which is the flat photosynthetic portion. Attached to the blade is a petiole, ...